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Captive insurance companies have been growing by leaps and bounds. A captive is an insurance company that insures the risks of its parent company. It...

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Government Will Help You Buy Exotic Cars

Or am I really limited to writing off only $2,960 in the first year? That is right, if you follow the advice and directions in this article the...

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Loan Or Dividend?

An important distinction to the owner of a C corporation, but not essential to a flow through entity, S corporation, Limited Liability, or...

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New Tax Breaks For Businesses 2009

As the economy teeters on the brink of collapse, our elected officials have tried to provide some provisions to benefit businesses. Not many, but at...

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Personal Injury Lawyers Get Tax Break

InJames F. Boccardo vs. Commissioner,56 F.3d 1016 (9th. Cir. 1995) the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals modified well established case law and...

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Sale of Residence Exclusion

A home is many times the largest asset that one owns. The rules for excluding the gain from the sale of a taxpayer's residence were...

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Tax Updates-Yachting Can Mean Big Tax Deductions

Most people are aware that the IRS takes a strict interpretation into nine deductions from potential hobby activities that arguably could be called...

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The Last Tax Shelter

Tax shelters have been a bad word since legislation was designed to eliminate what was considered abusive. From the sweeping language of the Tax...

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Savvy Investor Column-Fall 2002

Stocks are up. Stocks are down. US Airways seeks bankruptcy. United Airlines considers bankruptcy. American Airlines set to downsize.

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