Estate Planning

Our firm serves as an estate planning resource not only to our clients, but also to:

  • Other Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Financial Firms
  • Clients
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Estate Planning

Our firm serves as an estate planning resource not only to our clients, but also to other law firms, accounting firms for their difficult and unusual estate planning needs. Our firm has the experience to analyze and plan a complex, financial inter-relation of the estate plan, income tax consequence of business transfers, asset protection, as well as valuation solutions for other specific areas. Business succession planning as well as asset protection is an integral part of the estate planning process for closely held business owners. We also draft for many of clients, wills, living trust, invocable trust, and advanced medial directives.

Our firm believes in a team approach to serve the client’s needs. Frequently, we work with the client’s other advisors including insurance agents, financial planners, accountants, and other attorneys. Members of our firm have published chapters in books regarding estate planning, including buy-sell agreements. asset protection, business entity selections as well as income tax planning.

Experience speaks for itself!

We provide strategic tax planning, business planning and legal representation for clients throughout North America and various foreign jurisdictions.


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