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Richard M. Colombik & Associates, P.C. is a law firm concentrating in Strategic Tax Planning, Asset Protection, Business Entity Structuring and Transactions, IRS Defense, Complex Estate Plans and Business Planning.
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Richard M. Colombik

A real Attorney CPA for over 30 years!

The Law firm is headed by Richard M. Colombik, an award-winning Attorney, CPA with a Doctorate in Jurisprudence with Distinction, who was formerly on the tax staff of one of the world’s wealthiest families.

RMC's Attorneys are trained to perform an in-depth review of a client's financial and tax situation.

Richard M. Colombik & Associates provides services in all aspects of a general business and tax practice including Internal Revenue Service tax defense, estate planning, probate, income tax aspects of bankruptcy, as well as other related general legal services.


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Experience speaks for itself!

We provide strategic tax planning, business planning and legal representation for clients throughout North America and various foreign jurisdictions.


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